Yoga means union or the process of cultivating connection, and I believe the practice itself is a strong creative tool which teaches mindfulness in action. I teach because I want students to be able to learn this skill, and build their practice of self-awareness. Yoga is about growth and the relationship with the self, which can naturally translate off the mat and into daily life.

Group Classes: 

My teaching style focuses on the breath and alignment, to build both strength and flexibility. I teach mindful movement that matches the breath and calms the nervous system. Visualization and meditation are additional tools that I provide in my classes.  I encourage students to practice with a sense of playfulness, enthusiasm and curiosity. I want students to feel encouraged to try new things, listen to their bodies and find their own sense of space within the practice.


Leela Yoga, 10116 NE 185th St. Bothell, WA 98011
All Levels Flow - Wednesdays 12pm - 1pm
Slow Flow - Thursdays 12pm - 1pm
All Levels Flow - Sundays 9:30am -10:45am

Yoga in the Center, 15117 Main St. Mill Creek, WA 98012
Vinyasa Level 1 - Thursday 5:30pm - 6:30pm