My name is Rebecca Parrish and I am a marriage and family therapist and yoga teacher. I specialize in helping women discover their own experience of healing. I'm skilled in supporting them through this process, whether it's coping with general anxiety, ending a partnership, facing a physical illness/injury or the stress of starting a new career. Whichever life transition women encounter, I offer not only support, but the tools to navigate through the struggle. With my yoga background and experience providing therapy in multiple medical settings, I also believe in treating the whole person and collaborating with other providers, as needed for specific care and overall health needs.


Yoga means union or the process of cultivating connection, and I believe the practice itself is a strong creative tool which teaches mindfulness in action. This practice can translate into our life off the mat and even to our relationship with others. 

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As a trained Marriage and Family Therapist with a holistic focus, I specialize in working with women and premarital/newly married couples encountering difficulties. 

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