Being a teen is hard, period! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst life transitions can sometimes feels impossible. I work with teens 16 years and older. I help them navigate challenges such as: going through a break-up; issues with parents; entering high school/college; and physical health issues. Based on my yoga background and experience of providing therapy in multiple healthcare settings, I believe we need to take care of all parts of who we are to begin to feel better. My approach utilizes evidenced based practices, such as cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and meditation.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Anxiety + stress management

  • Physical health injury/illness (concussion, IBS, chronic pain)

  • Teen Issues (high school, college, balancing school/life)

  • Relationship issues (social stressors, breakups, family dynamics, friendships)

Finding the right person to support you, can be hard. I offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation, so we can talk about how I can be of help to you. Please call or send me a message here to schedule.