Living a healthy lifestyle amidst transition is difficult and sometimes feels impossible. From going through a break-up; divorce; physical health issues; or changing careers, we all face different experiences that shape us along the way. Sometimes we need the help of a therapist to determine how to makes sense of it all. Informed by my yoga background and experience of providing therapy in multiple healthcare settings, I believe all parts of the self (mind-body-spirit-relationships) may need to be addressed to facilitate the healing process. My approach utilizes evidenced based practices, such as cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness, along with narrative and systems-based perspectives. With your permission, I also collaborate with your other health professionals (as needed), especially primary and alternative health care providers to help you achieve your overall health goals.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Anxiety and stress managment

  • Physical health injury/illness (concussion, IBS, chronic pain)

  • Women's issues (self-esteem, self-care)

  • Relationship issues (family dynamics, partnerships, friendships, work/school relationships)

  • Life transitions (break-ups, moves, new jobs, graduation, marriage)

  • Stress management/work-life balance (working too much, overscheduled/overcommited)

Life can be challenging and finding the right person to support you shouldn't pose an additional challenge. I offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation, so we can discuss how I can be of help to you. Please call or contact me here to schedule.