“My passion is working with young women on the brink of life transitions.”

Being a young women can be challenging. From moving out on your own, to going through a break-up, living a healthy lifestyle is a practice. Finding the balance amidst it all can be difficult to maintain with the added stressors of adulthood. My role is to empower women to bring more of what they need into their life. We all face different experiences that shape us along the way, but our only choice is in how we respond to those experiences. Informed by my yoga background and experience of providing therapy in multiple medical settings, I believe all parts of the self (mind-body-spirit-relationships) may need to be addressed to facilitate the healing process. 

My approach utilizes both evidenced based practices, such as cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness, along with narrative and systems-based perspectives.  

I also collaborate with your other health professionals (as needed), especially primary and alternative health care providers to help you achieve your overall health goals.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Physical health injury/illness (concussion, chronic pain)
  • Women's issues (self-esteem, self-care)
  • Relationship issues (family dynamics, partnerships, friendships, work/school relationships)
  • Life transitions (break-ups, moves, new jobs, graduation, marriage)
  • Stress management/Work - Life Balance (working too much, overscheduled/overcommited)