Yoga Yoga
- heal your body
How you do one thing, is how you do everything. - Anonymous
Yoga means union or the process of cultivating connection, and I believe the practice itself is a strong creative tool which teaches mindfulness in action.  I teach because of the process of clarity and focus yoga effectively facilitates. Yoga is about growth and self-study.  

Group Classes

My teaching style focuses on breath and alignment, to build both strength and flexibility. I teach mindful movement that matches the breath and calms the nervous system. Visualization and meditation are additional tools that I provide in my classes.  I encourage students to practice with a sense of playfulness, enthusiasm and curiosity. I want students to feel encouraged to try new things, listen to their bodies and find their own sense of space within the practice. Check out my schedule here!

Private Session

Private sessions are a great way to work on creating sequences tailored to your unique needs.  Yoga helps to calm the nervous system and build strength and flexibility. Personal sessions offer even more specialized clarity on how you move and breath in practice and in life.  So, if you are looking for a fast paced workout, then a class at your local studio might be a better option. I teach personalized attentive sessions for all levels from beginner to advanced. I also encourage the development of a home practice, long or short. If you are interested in booking a private yoga session in the Seattle area, please inquire here.