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As a teacher and psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping clients and students find their own sense of clarity and focus. I believe curiosity encourages the growth and clarity instrumental to the healing process. When clients are given the space to explore themselves on the mat or in a session, I believe they’re able to access a greater sense of awareness in everyday life. It is this same curiosity that inspired my own journey towards self-growth and understanding.

As a communication major, I found the job I thought I wanted working at a public relations firm in downtown Seattle. My career path shifted, however, as I became clear about my life’s purpose: helping others. My own work changed the trajectory of my path, and I began working at the American Cancer Society. It was here where my curiosity toward healing surfaced, fascinated by patients’ stories and how they overcame and endured their experiences.

This experience led me to earn my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy; and a certification in Medical Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific University. While earning my degree, I had the unique experience of training with a medical residency team at the University of Washington. I worked with patients and physicians to provide comprehensive care to patients on both the mental and physical level. My interest in mind-body integration also became prominent and I decided to earned my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. The value of the physical and mental experience of healing, became both a personal practice and a professional endeavor.

In 2012, after graduating with my masters and yoga certification, I moved to New York City. I began work at Memorial Sloan Kettering on a research team that trained nurses to work with families in the face of cancer and life-threatening circumstances. I held space for patients and their families who faced chronic illness and death. I had the unique opportunity to work with some of the most legendary psychologists in the field, including Peter Steinglass. My study of yoga also expanded. I have since studied restorative and healing modalities with senior teacher Jillian Pransky.  For the past two years, I have had continuous study with senior teacher trainer Chrissy Carter.

fieldMy chosen professions have taught me that clear well-orchestrated technique in an open safe environment can create growth and change that is lasting. It is my passion to share what I’ve learned and my hope that it will provide the support needed to help students and clients find their authentic voice. I am inspired by my teachers, colleagues, friends and but mostly by those I work with. My students and clients teach me more about myself than anything else, which is why I do the work. I love being inspired by others and I am humbled by how much strength and perseverance my students and clients show. I teach, coach and provide support because I love seeing client’s and student connect to the part of themselves that creates space for curiosity and understanding, so that they can have clarity for whatever it is they need in the moment.

Professional Credentials:
  • Washington State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA)
  • Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University
  • Certified Medical Family Therapist, Seattle Pacific University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication, Western Washington University
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, 500 hours
  • Certified Yoga Therapist, 100 hour

Work With Me

Please contact me to learn more about any of the services provided on my website. Rates vary, including sliding scale options. *If finances are an issue, please inquire and we can discuss possible payment options. Call me directly at (937) 598-9355 or email here.  


Since I started working with Becky, I have noticed a new pattern in my way of thinking. She's been a lifesaver in helping me set attainable goals in my work and personal life and over the last few months, I've begun to experience some positive changes. Between meetings, she'll email me to check in--her emails are always thorough and serve as reminders for me to get "back on track" if I've fallen back in my old habits. It is clear that Becky is dedicated to what she does and I am extremely grateful to be able to work with her.- Liana, Graduate Student
Becky has a deep understanding of the mind and how emotional stressors play out on the body. She helped me recognize my habit of avoidance and aided me in creating more productive pathways for coping with stress. I always feel listened to and safe when sharing with Becky.- Laura, Nonprofit Administration
I have been working with Becky for over a year. Our life coaching sessions have inspired change in my ways of thinking and career path. Becky is a true listener. After hearing my anxieties and doubts she responds with genuine, empathic reflection. She is creative in her problem-solving, has a wonderful sense of humor and is always just as ecstatic about my growth and achievements as I am. It was an even greater pleasure to draw connections in our sessions back to my yoga practice because of her background. Becky cares and wants me to live my most abundant life. I truly look forward to our meetings and have seen improvements in the quality of my life! I highly recommend Becky's life-coaching services to anyone searching for some light on their path. She has so much joy to to share and will help you find yours too!- Nellen, Musician
Working with Becky was very helpful. She always managed to help me with a clear and concise plan on how to overcome my obstacles to obtaining my goals. I have had trouble in the past with anxiety around large tasks in my life. Many times I would not even attempt them because I was so paralyzed with anxiety. Becky helped me with easy to follow plans and goals that were less daunting. I appreciate how she has helped my daily struggles become less overwhelming.- Laura, Designer